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July 25th, 2022 by

One of the top-selling makes in the industry, people have relied on RAM trucks for years to get the most demanding jobs done! While their performance capabilities are unmatched, it takes extra attention and care to ensure that a RAM truck stays in pristine condition.

 When the time comes for minor maintenance or major repairs, let the professionals at the best RAM service department in North Carolina handle it! Here are a few of the service tasks that the technicians at Hendrick Chrysler Jeep FIAT of Fayetteville can do to help ensure that your RAM runs smoothly for as long as possible! 

RAM Truck Oil Change

RAM Oil Change

Your truck’s engine depends on oil to function correctly, so oil changes are crucial to any maintenance routine! Whether it is dirty, old, or running low, go to a RAM service technician that is more than qualified to keep everything in check. However, there are a few things you can look out for to determine if it’s time for an oil change:

  • Check Engine Light: Probably the most obvious indicator that something is wrong, change your oil as soon as this light appears on your dashboard!
  • Smell Check: If your cabin has an oil aroma, you likely have a leak or another problem with your oil. 
  • Audio Check: Your RAM should never be making strange noises, and this sometimes can mean that there is something off with your oil.
  • Visual check: If you are capable, go under the hood and use a dipstick to examine the color of your oil. If it is discolored, it is time for a replacement! 

RAM Brake Service

Your brakes cannot operate at anything less than 100% for you to operate your truck safely. Therefore, keep yourself and every passenger secure by having a routine brake service performed. So how do I know when my brakes are malfunctioning? The answer is to watch out for critical signs like grinding noises, abnormal odors, and weird pedal vibrations. 

RAM Truck Battery Service

RAM Battery Service 

The battery is another crucial component to the working life of your RAM truck. If there is any indication that something is wrong with your battery, have a service technician address the issue immediately. How can you determine if it is time to repair or replace your battery? Pay attention to any clicking sounds, the dimness of your headlights, backfiring, or slow starts. 

Go to an Outstanding RAM Service Center in Fayetteville

From oil changes to brake servicing to battery replacements, the Hendrick Chrysler Jeep FIAT of Fayetteville dealership can do it all! When you schedule a service appointment, feel confident that we will work diligently to get your truck as good as new! We always have our customers back, offering RAM service coupons and other chances to save. If you need help finding parts or have questions about our maintenance services, call us today!

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