Is the road looking hazy? It might not be the weather


If the road ahead of you is looking hazy or blurry, it might not be the lovely Fayetteville weather to blame--it might be your windshield.

Dog noses and pet dander, shoe and foot prints, fingerprints, and even particles from your dashboard can all effect the surface of the glass on your front windshield and on rear windows in your vehicle. The smudging and haziness caused by the buildup of dog slobber and the waxy film from gasses in vehicle materials distorts visibility and actually can make it harder to see--especially at night.

You could schedule auto detailing at Hendrick Chrysler Jeep, and as part of the process, we'll polish up all of the interior glass in your vehicle, restoring top visibility. But this is one of the essential services that you can do at home.

Watch the video below to see how.

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