Travel Farther with a Trail Rated® Jeep

When it comes to traveling down rough and rugged roads, capability is a must. That is why so many drivers choose Jeep each year! They know that they can depend on their model to carry them through some of the toughest obstacles around. Rigorously tested at the legendary Rubicon Trail, the Jeep lineup proves time and again that it has the Trail Rated® might needed to provide the ride of a lifetime.

Before a Jeep can be recognized as a Trail Rated® vehicle, it must first undergo a series of tough tests. There are five arduous tasks that lie on the trail—all of which push endurance and capability to the limit. First is a test of traction which observes how a model handles on challenging terrain like sand and snow. Second is a test of water fording to see how well it can navigate through streams and other waterways. Third is a test of maneuverability that measures how it sustains stability and control in trying situations. Fourth is a test of articulation which monitors its flexibility and ability to remain connected to the earth. Finally, the fifth is a test of ground clearance that studies its skill in crawling over large obstacles ahead. Only when a Jeep can prove its might through all of these trials can it boast the title of a Trail Rated® model.

Ready to see what a new Jeep can do? Then come in for a test drive today at Hendrick Chrysler Jeep!

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